a woman-centered artist gallery to display the creative entrepreneurship of local artists.



We aim to show work created by artists who exhibit a strong sense of individuality, knowledge in their field, and diversity in thought and opinion.


Ksenija Simmons

Ksenija Simmons


Hi, I’m Ksenija (pronounced Xs-en-ya) 

I’ve been living in SC for 15 years now but I was born and raised in Central and Eastern Europe before I headed to the states for college in Seattle. I’m so grateful I get to live here with my beautiful family of four.

I’m fluent in English, German and American Sign Language but my real language is FEELINGS. Those feelings come out as an artistic expression emulating from the core of who I am. BUT getting there was hasn’t always been easy… (more details over @ksenijasimmonsart if you love words and feelings, too) 

My story is that as a shy little girl in Europe I would daydream about being an artist but I never really thought that was attainable for me. Fast forward a decade +, due to life circumstances I was unable to create anything for years. There were a variety of reasons for that but mainly I felt stuck in a lot of pain. Fear and anxiety gripped me and my sense of self diminished. My creative inner voice kept calling to me but I was overwhelmed and scared by life.

Choosing to stretch beyond my fears and apprehension I was able to slowly grow a building of trust within me that allowed a safe place for my inner creativity to come out. This process of choosing again and aga in- to show up for myself in my artistic expression has been a significant part of my healing and a reawakening to who I am. Finding beauty in the joy and ache has allowed me to share the deeper more vulnerable pieces of myself. My hope would be to invite people to connect to that same place within themselves. To know that it’s available to them as well.


This show is really a compilation of work I did through out most of last year. We all know the complicated story that was 2020. I needed my creative practice to get me through. My work this last year has been both about allowing it to remain the same (giving me comfort) and then also being curious and trying new things. I can tend to really zone in and get detailed in my work so I knew I needed to push myself to let go.

Pastels became the new medium that allowed for a more natural flow in my art practice and I quickly fell in love. It’s easy to do as they are rich in color, have a fun, full bodied texture and playfulness to them and yet at the same time they can remain so delicate. I enjoy the back and forth movement of layering them and seeing how they create a depth and curiosity to each piece. There is a joy I find in being able to smooth out the rough places and rough up the smooth. May you awaken to your own curiosity and creativity.

Amber Machado

Amber Machado


My name is Amber Machado and I am a painter from Columbia, SC. I began painting as a teenager, hoping to emulate my sister and father who have always been my biggest artistic role models. It took nearly a decade of painting sporadically before my personal relationship with art began. At the onset of being diagnosed with Lupus, I began to paint more frequently, and what began as a welcome distraction, has now become my full time job. More importantly though, I credit painting to being my primary means of coping with a chronic illness. Over the last three years my aim has been to develop new skills and grow as an artist. When I’m not painting I am usually dancing with my cats or pestering my spouse. Keep up with her creative journey on Instagram @artistamachado or at ambermachado.com



Before Lupus, I painted without much purpose. Today, I paint with a fierce desperation to reclaim my life. Art is a daily ritual that keeps me grounded as I continue to learn what it means to live with a chronic illness. Through painting I have learned to acknowledge and accept the forces outside of my control and search for the beauty within them.


I am greatly influenced by nature, dynamic environments, color, and natural light. In observing nature, I have discovered a limitless pool of inner strength. Nature possesses a level of unyielding relentlessness that astounds and inspires me. It evolves and carries on despite any opposing force. Landscapes allow me to celebrate this complex relationship of beauty and strength, while watercolor serves as the perfect medium to capture nature’s subtleties, drama and unpredictability.

Carole Brown

Carole Brown


Struggling years with the secret of depression, I've poured myself into several creative outlets to get me through dark days. I'm a decorator/designer, artist and gardener. I may not be a face associated with depression but it often finds a way to hide.  I've drawn and painted for many years. I’ve found my love for art again on the "flip side" of depression. I learned to let my art guide me. I look for a message or story to unfold before me.I love the colors and find the process of these finished paintings intriguing.  My art is signed with a bit of silence. I didn’t feel comfortable using my name. My signature for my paintings is a combination of my name written backwards. I then incorporated a backward e. You see the "e", like depression also can be silent and overlooked. I especially embraced the signature as I noticed it resembled an open heart. It was perfect because it was hard for me to heal the wound in my heart caused by depression until I learned to pour my art into it. When you look at my art I hope you see much more than depression. I hope you see beauty, strength courage.Keep up with her creative journey on Facebook @acrylicartbycarole  or at flipsideartbycarole.com




  • Areas of eligible artwork include: painting, drawing, photography, small sculpture, textiles.

    • Hanging artwork is preferable 

  • At this time we are only accepting artwork from local artists (SC)

  • Emerging and mid-level artists are eligible to apply (18 year or older)

  • Artist must have a business license in order to sell artwork

  • Artist prices should not exceed $1,200 for any individual piece of artwork in order to provide an affordable gallery experience




  • Artists will deliver artwork on a date agreed upon by all parties, and will be picked up three months from the  agreed-upon date

  • Artist will be responsible for providing owners with information on all pieces of artwork in the provided templates

  • Artists will be responsible for preparing artwork with appropriate hanging hardware

  • Artists will be responsible for the installation of their collection, with the help of the current artist in residence. All artwork consigned to femme x must have proper hanging hardware on each piece of work. Hardware must hold approximately 2x the weight of artwork, not be damaged, and be appropriate for gallery installation. Gallery reserves the right to refuse any work without proper hanging hardware, or charge Artists up to $100 for installing proper hardware.

  • femme x shall be liable for loss or damage to any consigned artwork after artist installation  and while the work is in the Gallery’s possession. Gallery is not responsible for any damage occurring during shipping or delivery to or from the Gallery. If damage occurs during shipping or delivery, the Gallery is not responsible for negotiating with the shipping or delivery company or filing any claims. We encourage artists to insure shipments via the service provider and to use the highest quality packaging to avoid any claims and damage. In the event of loss or damage that cannot be restored or repaired by artist, the artist shall receive the same amount as if the artwork had been sold at the gallery, or 75% of the highest retail price. 

  • Artists will receive 75% commission on any pieces sold, femme x will recieve 25% on any pieces sold

  • All copyrights belong to Artist at all times while work is at femme x and is non-transferrable to femme x. Upon sale, ownership of artwork will transfer immediately to the Buyer. Artist will always maintain copyright under all circumstances. Femme x  will do due diligence to protect Artist’s copyright of all works consigned to femme x at all times and to protect the Artist’s interests at all times while work is consigned, and for 6 months post closure of exhibition.

  • Artists will agree to femme x photographing and promoting their work on their online platforms

  • A minimum of 5 pieces must be available for sale through femme x.

  • When a piece is sold, it must be replaced with a similarly-sized piece, or otherwise remain in the gallery for the buyer to pick up on the show end date

  • During the artist’s 3-month term, artwork in gallery must be sold exclusively through femme x.

  • Femme x  reserves the right to not exhibit artwork that does not meet our quality standards and exhibition of artwork is always at femme x’s discretion. Refusal to hang could arise from: improper hanging hardware, wet work, damaged work, unfinished work, poor craftsmanship that wasn’t presented in photos, poor construction, dirty edges (fingerprints, scrapes), or any other quality or aesthetic issues not previously known.

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