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Member Highlight: Leigh Ellen Gray

Attorney at Campbell Teague LLC

What are you working on right now?

Plaintiff-side employment cases; advice and counseling on employment matters for small businesses; corporate formation and venture counsel for Web3 and Crypto clients

Who is your ideal client?

Business professionals who are passionate about their ventures and understand the value of legal advice and strategy to their success.

What is your big picture vision for your business?

We are growing rapidly and want to expand into new markets and grow our client base. Ultimately, a dual goal is to share this model of legal practice with other lawyers to encourage retention of female attorneys and others who need/want a more flexible practice so that we can change the way attorneys work and live (no small feat!)

What is a common misconception about your work?

That lawyers are boring or outdated! Our firm is progressive, remote-centered, majority female, and has no vacation policy. We enjoy spending time together outside of work and seek out opportunities to expand our horizons. We also have a subsidiary of our firm (The Antifirm) that specifically serves the needs of our web3 clients. In our business, we have to keep up with changing technology and stay ahead of the times to best serve our clients, something we think sets us apart from other firms.

What podcast should everyone listen to?

Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History...he always has super interesting takes that make you think about things in a totally different way

What is your guilty pleasure?

HGTV home reno shows...specifically Hometown!

Why Femme X Columbia?

I'm originally from Columbia and was psyched about the mission of FemmeX upon learning about it. I enjoyed dropping in before I became a community member. My main office is in Greenville but I'm in Columbia on occasion for work or family reasons and so now I love having this as another home base! I also love that I get membership discounts for events.

How do you describe Femme X to others?

A progressive co-working community

What is your favorite Femme X amenity?

Coffee/tea and munchies!

What is your best piece of business advice?

Always keep yourself open to new never know who will be a potential client or collaborator, and being passionate about your business and telling everyone about it is the best way to connect with like-minded people!

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

Getting some tennis in early, followed by coffee al fresco, doing something fun with my kiddo, reading a good book, napping, and drinks and dinner out with my husband or a girlfriend.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Female attorneys who paved the way for me to be able to demand more from my practice and profession in terms of how it treats women, both as lawyers and litigants.

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