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Updated: Feb 3

After a decade of business ownership gains, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to disproportionately affect minority and women-owned businesses.

Shocker right (sarcasm ON)? When it comes to business ownership, access to capital, and revenue generation; women started out a step behind without COVID-19. Businesses in the hardest hit industries such as the food services, retail and accommodation industries have a much higher percentage rate of minority and women ownership.

In South Carolina, women start businesses at twice the rate of men and we want to support and grow this trend, particularly here in Columbia. Based on U.S. Census Bureau data over the last five years, researchers said the number of women-owned businesses has grown by 21%. During that time, employment at women-owned companies increased by 8% and revenue rose by 21%. In every case, women-owned businesses performed better – often by significant margins – than the national average. Let's not sit back and watch these gains disappear.

femme x COLUMBIA is dedicated to changing the systems of capital distribution. Our space is more than just a place to come get some work done, it's a community that puts women at the forefront. It is designed by women, driven by gender equity and supported by anyone who wants to get on board with that. Our values support our members by providing content, the critical networks and resources to get shit done. Membership in femme x COLUMBIA also fuels our affiliated investment fund through femmeCAPITAL. Not a member yet? find a MEMBERSHIP that works for you and join the movement.

For the upcoming holiday shopping season, we put out a call to our social media community to tag a woman-owned business and here's what we came up with: grouped by category, linked, and wrapped with a bow to make it easy. Will you be shopping woman-owned this year?

We love our members, vendors and their businesses. Special Shoutout to:






















Here's a few more for inspiration. Did we miss a woman-owned business you love? Share in the comments!














Food + Drink








































































































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