Why We Started femme x

femme x COLUMBIA is disrupting the current models + ideas of coworking and social clubs across the country.

Coworking is a fairly new idea for the modern workplace and social clubs have been around for ages...but none are created like us.

When people think of a 'workspace' these are the typical messages that come to mind...

Co-workspace = for entrepreneurs, remote workers, small businesses. Co-work spaces are a sea of ‘hot’ desks, meeting rooms, and free coffee. Cowork spaces are great for professional networking and keeping overhead costs low, especially when growing a new business.

  • Professionals

  • Business owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Technical

  • Community

When people think of social clubs these are the average messages...

Social clubs are for women and have traditionally been focused on healthcare, education and charitable contributions to the community. Country Clubs are another typical idea of a social club... though they provide social outlets, swimming, tennis, golf and food and beverage - historically, they have been driven by affluence, waiting lists, invitation only and/or they are politically centric (note only 16.5% of the legislative body in SC is composed of women).

  • Networking

  • Waiting lists

  • Affluence

  • Privacy/Exclusive

  • Application and/or Invitation Needed

Now, here’s us: femme x! 

We are a space to work and a space to socialize. The real question is how these two ideas converge. Our vision began as a social club and cowork space designed by women.

The power of connecting women leads to more powerful women. Columbia, South Carolina is a city, like many cities and towns in the southeast, where people seem very beholden to their bubble or friend network. “I love what you all are doing but I already have my people and/or office, I don’t really personally need femme x.” The

reality is, is that we don’t know what we don’t know and maybe your current network isn’t really all that great.  femme x is a piece of the much larger vision, femmeCAPITAL (a social impact investment and consulting firm leveraging global capital for gender equality).

We created femme x as the physical space to get shit done, and to create a new space where you probably won’t know the majority of the people there when you join. An anti-network network. How could your outlook on success, power, or financial capital change if you stepped out of your comfort zone? What if you invested in yourself, community and women owned small business? femme x is about having the confidence to say yes..or no. We are about empowering you to know that what you have to bring to the table is valuable, “your value”. We are about not waiting for an invitation or permission. femme x is about equitable access, and we can start by just being more accessible to other women. We lose the fear of perfection because we gain the strength and confidence through the empowerment of other women and anyone who supports gender equity in having control over their own destiny. 

Femme x is fueled by our members. People ask us “who are your members”. Members come from all walks of life, professions, careers, businesses, students, parents, Columbians and other cities and states. That’s what makes our culture.

Joining isn’t just about access to a space and events, it is about bringing your authentic self to the table to make our community of members stronger. 

Memberships at femme x contribute to an investment fund dedicated to women-led businesses. The goal: to disrupt the current systems of capital distribution. If you don’t care about supporting women and gender equity, femme x isn’t the place for you. If you do care, we want to see you invest in yourself, your city and other women!

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday || 9 am - 9 pm

Saturday + Sunday || 10 am - 5 pm

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