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Member Spotlight: Felicia (Licia) Berry

Founder of HeartSong Institute.

What are you working on right now?

Continuing to develop our physical location in the Big Bend of Florida, our education and retreat Center at HeartSong Center for Arts and Ancestral Education

Who is your ideal client?

a sassy woman who is on fire in her heart for her purpose and deeply accountable to her Higher Power, willing to release the patriarchal structure inside her so she can SHOW UP and SHINE fully, lead the Earth in a new, whole, internally partnered way

What is your big picture vision for your business?

To share the knowledge that has been given to me over decades of examination of power dynamics in a way that moves the Earth into a new paradigm of Partnered Power (tm). I see HeartSong becoming an epicenter in the southeast, where power dynamics need to be updated so much, to continue to host groups and VIPs who want to learn how to lead in a Partnered Power (tm) way, and take their leadership to a new level, thus paving the way for the future generations to be more free than we have been to choose to be whole and walk in beauty, in a sacred manner.

What is a common misconception about your work?

That it is "woo-woo", or only for "spiritual" people...this is a common misconception about indigenous way of life, where we consider all life sacred. In indigenous culture, there is no separation of spirit from every day is all connected, it is all sacred.

Why Femme X Columbia?

I feel a strong synergy with Nell and her vision for women in a traditionally southern location. Being a southern woman myself, I know the obstacles that most southern women face, and I want to join with Femme x's vision to uplift women and free my southern sisters!

What is your best piece of business advice?

Follow your Greater Guidance, even if it seems illogical...I train and support my clients/students to be aces at this! Greater Guidance is taking us into the next evolution, and so if we can allow ourselves to be guided and ACT on it, we are the ones who are building the new path for humanity and Earth through our leadership and influence, in our families, businesses, and communities.

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

Outside on the land with the gardens and the animals at HeartSong!

Do you have any passion projects outside of your job?

My work is my purpose, felt since I was a very small child, so there is little that does not flow into my work. My work IS my passion.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Mary Magdalene

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