Episode 2: Embracing Insecurities

Hello to the podcast, venturing VOICES!

Meet Meredith Walker.

Meredith Walker’s world has always been filled with art. The challenge was fitting that art into the world around her.

A lifelong South Carolinian, Walker grew up in a family that was both creative and practical. While supporting her creative habits, they also posed the questions every artist must consider: how would she make money, and what purpose did her art serve?

Walker chose to stay in touch with her artistic side. Her degree in graphic design from the University of South Carolina led her to a job with Chernoff Newman, and she later became creative director for the Clothed in Hope nonprofit while also completing freelance work.

This was not the art she was inspired to make. This was art that satisfied the professional expectations of those around her. She left her job, ditched the computer screen and went back to using her hands to sell her own acrylic and mixed media abstract paintings

As time went on, Walker shed the insecurities that come with leaving an established position. She was venturing on her own, but for once she was creating work that represented what made her the person she had come to be.

The hardest thing for artists is to put their work out into existence. How does one know when they are ready? For Walker, she had to become comfortable with the uncertainty and accept that she will never meet her perception of “ready”.

But Meredith Walker is not only an artist. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend to many. She has continued to push her imagination forward while dealing with the obstacles that life puts in her way, whether that be becoming a mother or being criticized by a family member.

Being a creator requires one to be vulnerable, and now she can find comfort in showcasing that vulnerability to connect with her audience. This is why Meredith Walker is a badass.


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