Episode 1: Unapologetically Black

Hello to the podcast, venturing VOICES!

Meet Dr. Rena Dixon.

Dr. Dixon wears a variety of different hats, and she owns them all.

Raised in poverty in Georgia, Dixon had to be creative as she navigated her way through her childhood. Recognizing the importance of education at a young age, she stopped at nothing to forge her own path through college.

One degree was not enough for her, as she continued to climb her way through the ranks of higher education, obtaining a Ph.D in Community Health Promotion and Education. After obtaining this title, she knew her voice could not be ignored.

The drive Dixon showcases is reflected on her resume. As an expert in reproductive health, she helps the community through her work with Fact Forward. Her love for travel inspired her to open her own business planning trips for clients, Forever Young Destinations. She is a member of a sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, a wife, an aunt and a daughter.

The first episode of venturing VOICES takes a look at how Dixon has been molded into a leader within her community. She explains how her husband, father and mother have supported her and inspired her to help out those around her along the way.

Above all of these things, Rena Dixon is a black woman. She is proud of the journey she has undertaken and is comfortable showcasing the personality traits that have allowed her to reach this point in her career.

The critics have tried to suppress these traits, and will continue to do so. But when she has her sights set on a goal, nothing can stop her from getting shit done. This is why Rena Dixon is a badass.


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