about Alabaster

We are a socially responsible & sustainably minded jewelry company striving

to bring freedom— freedom for fashion laborers & freedom for survivors of

human trafficking.

Alabaster refuses to lend to the exploitation of any human being within our

supply chain. We strive to source 100% of our supplies from companies who

maintain transparency, provide liveable wages for workers, restrict child labor,

implement clean & healthy work conditions, create positive relationships with

partners & factories, & prioritize environmentally sustainable practices.

Alabaster solely supports metal & gem companies who remain conscious of

reducing their carbon footprint & abide by fair & transparent business

practices, as listed above.

We believe in co-laboring with our customers in this war for fairness &

redemption. As you choose to wear effortless & bold Alabaster jewelry, we

make our mark together in the fight for justice within the fashion industry.

Through your choice of jewelry, you can stand out & stand for something

greater at the same time.

about Lauren Ridenour

I am an abstract artist.

I’ve always had a love and passion for creating. It wasn’t until 2019 on a back-packing trip through Asia and Australia that I decided to pursue art full time.
During my travels, I would spend my days studying strangers. I would quickly draw people in honest moments; reading on the subway, children playing in a park, a woman hanging up her laundry to dry. I realized how we are all connected to one another. We are all one.

I was inspired by our similarities. Less became more.
Through my work I hope to portray the feeling of connection to one another. My work is intended to be simplistic, imaginative and expressive. I use energetic and bold lines to channel my inspiration and thoughts found in everyday life.

I am currently working out of my studio in Charleston, South Carolina. I am constantly experimenting with new ideas through different mediums whether its clothing, jewelry or painting. If you would like to follow along as I continue to explore, check out laurenridenour_art or send me an email at 

about Indigo Bee

Emily Brereton - Owner/Maker

Indigo Bee Co. was grown out of a passion to create beautiful, quality, handcrafted items. I aspire to create simple and elegant designs with the wild soul in mind. Jewelry made to enhance the natural beauty of your femininity and accompany you on all your adventures.

All items are made by me, in Charleston, South Carolina. 

I hope you find something that highlights your personality or a special gift to celebrate a friend!