While working with various organizations, Nell (right) and Stephanie (left) had an opportunity to meet and work together. As great ideas usually do, this one emerged over margaritas and the overwhelming desire to create something new and impactful in Columbia. In South Carolina, women start businesses at twice the rate of men and we want to support and grow this trend, particularly here in Columbia. Based on U.S. Census Bureau data over the last five years, researchers said the number of women-owned businesses has grown by 21%. During that time, employment at women-owned companies increased by 8% and revenue rose by 21%. In every case, women-owned businesses performed better – often by significant margins – than the national average.


We first created the idea of femmeCAPITAL in 2018 as a result of that margarita and researching a need that was not being met. femmeCAPITAL is a social impact investment and consulting firm leveraging global capital for gender equality. We’ve adopted a two-part approach to femmeCAPITAL. Through our social clubs and co-work spaces we curate a progressive space for the economic and political advancement of women. An affiliated investment fund will make early stage investments to women led start-ups who seek to produce disruptive change, high growth returns, and social good. 


femme x was born from the desire to create a where people can cultivate, revive and fuel. We believe that when women + men have equitable access to social, political, and financial capital; shit gets done. 

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